Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yep, he just let people die because he didn't give a shit...

I'm not a modern day prophet. I don't even want the chance to be able to say "I told you so!" I'd rather be wrong.

I'm just someone who doesn't see, hear and believe an idealic dream world because it's easier. After Katrina, I wrote this: "Your Laziness has Killed Hundreds, Maybe Thousands of People!"

Now it appears that this was exactly the case:
Video of Pre-Katrina Briefing

Basically, Bush and friends were warned exactly what would happen and couldn't be troubled to cancel a few visits and birthday parties to save the lives of more than a thousand U.S. citizens.

Even if this had been simple incompetence, I would question his ability to do his job. This wasn't. This was pure and simple negligence possibly compounded by the opportunity for personal gain through the eradication of poor folks of color.

At the very best it's "not giving a shit about the country or its inhabitants", at worse it's genocide.

I don't want impeachment. They'll just send another killer into office. I was an example made so people remember that you can't just treasonously kill off fellow Americans.

If I believed in a vengeful justice system, maybe I would want him executed--that would be logical.

If I believed in the value of hateful, maybe I would wish him misfortune in prison or want him to be tortured.

Certainly he and his political platform would wish that upon me should our positions be reversed.

I just want him sentenced to several decades in prison where he can be rehabilitated and given an opportunity to reflect on his actions. No brutality, well-fed, ample access to his family and reading materials.

Are we a country where we gladly, apathetically watch as folks die and ignore all chances to avert such disaster?

We are today. Hopefully we can do something so that we won't be tomorrow. Spread the word, speak out, and talk to your local politicans. I'll have more as more concrete, strategic responses are crafted.



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