Monday, February 20, 2006

More Corolla Campaign

Someone has started an online petition to fire Adam Corolla for his racial slurs against Asian Americans on his 1/24/06 show (here and here). You can sign it here.

I sent this letter to CBS radio through this form (send one yourself!) and have yet to receive a response:

Dear CBS Radio,

I understand that individual performers will sometimes go beyond the pale of what is acceptable in their creative performance.

In the case of Adam Corolla's January 24, 2006 slurs against Asian Americans on his program, his performance was not only racist, but also devoid of any comedic value. The tired old joke, "Asians can't speak English" has been trotted out so many times, it was more of a admission of inability to perform his job--being entertaining--than anything else.

Furthermore, it is deeply damaging to Asian Americans who face perpetual discrimination even if English is their native language.

Worst of all was your insult, idiotic non-apology released by the station following protest. I respond to it here:

Anyway, due to your general lack of empathy for Asian Americans, I've decided to avoid all of your media outlets except for the purpose of viewing your prime-time commercials. I will then avoid all of the products promoted by these companies.

In my eyes and that of my community, you will become the "un-promotion company".

I know I'm just one person, so I don't expect you to respond. But if you do want to do right by me, you will fire Adam Corolla for his lack of talent and your spokesperson who composed the ridiculous "apology", as obviously they are incapable of performing their job.

Best of luck to you, I don't expect a response, but I would welcome one,
Xian Barrett


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