Friday, February 10, 2006

It's not a "disaster", it's a "profit opportunity"

You remember New Orleans? You know that place where all the people of color died and we felt bad about it, but then we threw some money at it and forgot about it? Well, not only did most of the Red Cross money not get to the right people, but now we are starting to see the "rebuilding" plan take shape.

The poor and working folks of the city wanted to move back and rebuild and the major corporations including Dick Cheney's former company wanted to profiteer off of the death and chaos. Guess who got their way?

Now community leaders from New Orleans are traveling the country to try to raise awareness of this atrocity. In their terms, we are seeing the "privatization and gentrification of an entire city". Come out and hear the truth and learn what can be done about it. After all, New Orleans is just a blueprint for what they'd like to do to every city. Don't the folks in Baghdad know that...

What would you think if I was standing by after you were hit by a car, and then it took me 35 minutes to come over and check if you were ok and call for help, then you died and I cashed your insurance policy? Would you family say, "Well, he cried at the funeral, and he seems like a good guy--he didn't cause the car accident!" Maybe if they hated you...

You see, I don't want to be rude, but I know crocodile tears when I see them. I sincerely believe that they could not foresee Katrina hitting New Orleans, but there's no doubt in my mine that they hid a tangible smile when they realized what it meant. And the fact that all of us assholes sit around while they pile up profits from these deaths sure tells us how we feel about poor people of color.

As the people of New Orleans become a tribe without a homeland, what are you doing?

Come out Saturday, February 18, 2:00-4:30PM, to UNITE HERE, 333 S. Ashland Ave. Chicago.


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