Friday, February 10, 2006

Monday Michiru at Hothouse Friday 2/17

I've been a big fan of Monday Michiru since I heard "You Make Me Wanna" in, of all places, the "Beatmania" arcade game as an exchange student in Kobe. Later, in Kumamoto I spent all day everyday with my team teacher Ikuko--fighting often in school over curriculum, and then dancing all weekend in the city. She introduced me to "Double Image" with its DJ Krush track, "Cruel 2 Be Kind".

In late 2004, I was feeling guilty for spending too much time in our apartment and so I checked "The Reader" and there was Monday playing at the HotHouse rhat evening. Liz couldn't go, so I went on one of my rare solo excursions to dance out. I took the Red Line down, marched up the staircase of HotHouse, and just soaked in the amazing atmosphere of this non-profit club and Monday's ethereal voice. I danced and danced, and got a chance to chat with Monday briefly (about being half kids) and get her to sign an old remix CD I had lying around.

It took one night for me to fall in love with the HotHouse and I've been fortunate to get to be enriched and share my love for it with others on many occasions.

Monday will be back in Chi next Friday night, and of course, I'll be back to experience it. If you are in Chi and want to join our group to head out there, just email or call me about it--we'd love to have you.


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