Monday, February 13, 2006

Washington Times Plagiarist

Washington Times reporter Eric Pfeiffer ripped quotes and analysis off of Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet.

The Daily Kos responds here.

This is a man who is paid to be a "journalist", and here is an article that he cobbled together without interviewing any of the sources. This is type of journalism that has people repeating news from "The Onion" as real.

The Times ran a lame-ass "correction" once informed of the improprieties. This is bullshit. You can't commit offenses, insincerely apologize when you get caught, and expect everything to be fine.

This guy ripped off other journalists so he didn't have to do any work or confirm anything he was writing and got caught. Now they want to run a "correction"? Please.

This guy needs to be peaced out immediately. Reach the Times online here. Or give them a call at (202) 636-3000.

I sent them an email about the situation:
Correction not enough:
I read Eric Pfeiffer's article on Obama and instantly recognized the similarities to my hometown paper, the Chicago Sun-Times. This is not just "a mistake", this is a guy who committed a major crime against the field of journalism and showed himself to be a negligent journalist. Running a correction is like me stealing a car, and then when caught saying, "I'll make a correction" and giving back what's left of the car.

Please terminate Mr. Pfeiffer immediately. He has committed a huge offense against the ethics of journalism.

Xian Barrett


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