Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Good" crime?

(props to AngryAsianMan and Gar for the link)

Imagine how kick ass the world would be if all the people who commit crimes were a little more thoughtful about their targets?

What if all the graffiti writers bombed for justice instead of to get their name out?

What if all the drug dealers, gangbangers and thugs wouldn't do their business in their own neighborhoods?

What if all the thieves and filchers wouldn't touch family owned stores or people's houses and instead only hit big-ass corporations and wealthy folks?

I'm not saying, "Rich folks deserve to have bad shit happen to them..." so please don't get all "You love the terrorists!" on me.

I'm just saying, "Can you bring yourself to imagine how different things might be?"

After a massive campaign to write the advertisers for Corolla's show, he ended up giving up an apology the other day:

A quick item of business to take care of. An apology to the Asian community. We did a bit a few weeks back that offended many people. It was unintended to offend these people. We do a show here that is a little irreverent and sometimes we cross the line and we definitely crossed it this time. And it was not meant to offend. It did. And for that we sincerely apologize to the good people of the Asian community. So we apologize and we thank you for your support.

This ranks up there on the "pathetically bad but still better than expected" ranking. At least he attempts to admit some fault and backtrack a bit. Of course, the ultra-typical whitey "It was not to offend language" is still in there. Oh, so mocking the English language ability of native English speakers because of the color of their skin while shitting on a show to recognized an oppressed and underrepresented group in media with one of the most passe, sophomoric attempt at humor ever was not meant to offend? What was it meant to do? Surely not be funny--there was no danger of that.

I would have rather he just say, "We sure as hell meant to offend, but we underestimated the ability of Asian Americans to kick the shit out of through our sponsors. Oops! Sorry about that!"

But hey, I'm not a white journalist talking about Shani Davis, so I'm not allowed to demand that the target of my criticism do exactly what I wanted him to do.

Privilege is never having to sincerely say, "I'm sorry"...

Random fun fact: Spell Check wants to replace "Corolla's" with "gorilla's".


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