Friday, September 02, 2005

Your laziness has killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people

I'm proud that a lot of the three monkey media is actually questioning Bush in this case. It's about fucking time. But there's still a strong group of Bush apologists who are making excuses like, "I don't see what he could have done about this..."

This is judgment day. This is that day when those big shot lawyers you had on your payroll are supposed to defend you in court and instead they send their janitor. This is the shit he claimed that he was good at. He moved around all of these departments, took away all of our civil liberties, push racial profiling and stereotyping, convert us all to hateful, wacko fake Christianity, attacked a whole bunch of countries, and widened the gap between rich and poor. Shit, he even went all out and hired a guy who was fired by the Arabian Horse Association to run our entire Emergency Management association. I'm sorry, I voted against him, but my understanding was that he DID have magic snake-oil to save us in disasters and that was why we were supposed to overlook all of this other shit.

Instead, the wrath of God comes down on us and all he can do is say, "I didn't know this could happen" and watch people get eaten by rats? I could do that shit and I'd be a better looking president. He can't even pretend to care on the interviews. He just hates us. His FEMA assholes are blaming the people that Bush himself made too fucking poor to leave the area and people are actually buying it! What the motherfucking empathy gap is that supposed to be? Did they watch too many rap videos and think that all poor people have pimped rides to get them out of town? Nobody could leave town. They didn't have the means. We might as well have told them to learn to fly, head into the storm and fly counter clockwise to slow it down.

People sat around for days dying of thirst and without food, bathroom facilities or shit to do and it's all of their faults that some isolated assholes decided to start attacking people?

Fuck that. We, our government, was either too stupid to know, or too stupid to care what was going to happen and I don't think we should wait for Bush to get to the pearly gates for his to receive a grade on this business.

This is Pacific Heights and we took the psycho guy who talks a good game and doesn't look like those nasty colored people to take over our house and he filled it with roaches, fucked up the structure and basically ruined everything.

This week we learned what all that talk about Homeland Security was about besides making money for his friends: Absolutely jack-shit. He and his friends took all of the security money and spent it on extra houses and jobs for their friends and if God-forbid another disaster or attack comes our way, they are going to fly around in their airplanes and watch us die.

Think this is hyperbole? The Houston Chronicle reports that the Halliburton has been hired to do the clean-up work in New Orleans and Mississippi. Yes, the same Halliburton that was found to be overcharging our nation's military in Iraq and choosing again and again to prioritize oil over the safety of our troops and was at one time headed by our VP, Dick Cheney. Bush killed a bunch of people in the South and now his friends are being hired to sift through the bodies.

Welcome to Bush's new America, us poor colored folks have known this for awhile. Some of us have been wondering why conservative white folks have been too stupid to figure it out. Now another countless thousands are dead, are you still going to make excuses for our golden boy who talks big until there's actually something to done?


Anonymous AngryEthiopian said...

"Now another countless thousands are dead, are you still going to make excuses for our golden boy who talks big until there's actually something to done?"
Only a couple million maybe.

6:05 PM  

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