Monday, February 06, 2006

Code Black

Grey's Anatomy tried to capitalize on following the highest rated show in this or most years, the Super Bowl, by pulling out every possible big gun last night's episode.

Some diehard fans, myself included, worried that the show, in introducing a "Code Black" situation would compromise its philosophy and go "too sensational". Furthermore, in order to appeal to the huge, predominantly male crowd tuning in for the game, they had a ridiculously gratuitious shower scene with three of the main actresses from the show.

Sound dreadful? It would have been, except for lead writer Shonda Rhimes took the helm for the critical episode. Amazingly, she was able to walk the tightrope of adding shiny objects to attract the new audience and still retaining the heart and snappy writing of the show. For example, in the opening "shower" scene, the dopey main character imagines himself getting into the shower with three of the main female leads. He indulges himself in his dream, but even as Sandra Oh's character says something along the lines of "You are sooo much smarter than me and so hot!" we can hear the dripping sarcasm. Immediately, Katherine Heigl's character breaks down George's door and yells at him to stop clogging the toilet or "you'll have to go in the yard!"

Shonda is a master--just when you think she has caved to the pressures of selling the show to the Super Bowl crowd, she flips the script.

Furthermore, despite fears that "Code Black" would be some terrorist threat or something worse, it turns out to be--spoiler, spoiler--cause by a couple of idiots playing with explosives in their backyard. She's able to have the cliffhanger, high-suspense "everyone we care about might die" moment and still not go too sensational.

Finally, she continued to deepen Dr. Bailey's character as she maintained her image as a fearsome, powerful force (for whom Dr. Shepard would rather risk his life and job than risk her wrath), but also as a vulnerable mother to be.

As promised, the episode is a cliffhanger, and will resume next week. Hokey, but necessary marketing.

Look for:
Continued build on the "Code Black" tension, Bailey to be fighting for her and her child's life, some more bullshit on the stupid ass emaciated main character and sleazy, whiney "McDreamy" and most of all I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Asshole Karov couldn't get it up again--he was back on the floor WAY too fast for anything to have happened...

Don't Look for:
An Asian American man...


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