Thursday, February 02, 2006

I don't need ESP--it's racially motivated

A white terrorist killed six others and herself in a California post office yesterday. All six victims were people-of-color. In addition, she killed a former co-worker at the woman's apartment, who was white.

According to the article:

Anderson (the County Sheriff) said it wasn't clear if the killings were racially motivated.

This might be hard to determine--as racist assholes tell me regularly, "You aren't in my head! Stop being so PC! You have no idea whether I hate you coloreds or not!"

Let's see what evidence there might be:
1. Acquaintances said San Marco, who was white, sometimes talked to herself and spewed racist comments.
A deputy clerk in the town of Milan said she once requested a business license to start a publication called "The Racist Press."

This is a problem with mainstream definitions of "racism". In order for a killing to be "racially motivated", the mainstream demands that someone actually be yelling, "I am going to kill you right now, you Chink, you, and I want to make it clear that I am killing you not because I'm just aiming your way, but solely because you are Asian. Also, I have no Asian friends, I have never had Asians over to my house, and am not married to an Asian person. I really just don't like Asian people, and that's why I'm killing you. Please pass out copies of this statement after I take my own life."

And then half the law enforcement agencies in the country would say, "Well, she killed herself and she's white, so it must not have been 'racially motivated'!

For those who are still unclear on how white privilege works, remember the Chai Vang case, and now ask yourself, "Does every white person in America have to fear that they will be threatened because some white women killed a bunch of people in a post office in California?" Will we start discussing racial profiling of white people for homocidal craziness?

No, and that's why, even if racial profiling worked, which it doesn't, the proponents of it are racist assholes. They hide behind arguments like, "It keeps us safer (to code people by race)" but what they really mean it that "I'm in favor of persecuting YOU for race, but I would not give up a single right for other Americans' safety!"


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