Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Kanye

Looking at West's transcript from Lisa de Moraes' beautiful write-up of the benefit concert (please read the whole article): (props to mike2cents on the link)

I hadn't seen the whole transcript up until now. Reading the transcript, now I'm really confused what West's critics are talking about. I mean he is self-deprecating in order to try to get people to donate. He is saying, "I'm not a great person, but I got myself up to donate. Bush and others aren't doing shit, so you better give some money!"

What more honest, motivating message could he have said? I'd like to encourage people to call their local affiliates in support of West and his comments. Maybe this will help reverse the tide against West.

Here is the email I sent to NBC5 Chicago (contact them here):

I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated Kanye West's comments. A lot of us in the City of Chicago were waiting to hear someone actually speak to what was going on in New Orleans, not just some canned celebrity comments. This was not an awards show, it was something to address the suffering of the poor in New Orleans and elsewhere in the South.

Could you please tell your newscasters and parent station to stop bad-mouthing Kanye for speaking what heavy on his (and my our) heart?

Please consider consulting Kanye to see if he would be willing to speak more on the station. After all, he is one of Chicago's own.

Thank you very much,
Xian Barrett


Blogger Gar said...


Thanks for the visit to my site, and as I look around your blog, I'm impressed with your critique as well... it's a bit scary how America in this day and age is quick to silence the dissent of minorities, eh? Whether it's people like us or Kanye, we always fighting to make our voice heard...

5:49 PM  
Blogger none said...

I will also use your link to write them and express support for Kanye and his point of view, which I share.

5:51 PM  
Blogger xian said...

Thanks for the reads. I'm grateful for chance that the APIA blog group is giving us to network with other cool folks.

Great! I'm really hoping that we can remind the stations that some of us tune in to hear a wealth of perspectives, rather than to see them silenced.

6:33 PM  

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