Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm number 1!

I finally got hooked up with SiteMeter so I can spy on how many folks come to the site and more interestingly how they get here.

Last week, I joked with my friends how disappointed that the searcher who linked to my site from a search for "Chinese Fucking" must have been.

This week when I checked, I found this entry. (Screenshot to come soon)

Except for my stunning good looks and unrivaled fashion sense, I've never been #1 at anything. To be number one on the "Asia Carrera's Ass" search with a piece on white guys with AFS at the showing of Darren Hamamoto's masterpiece on sexual stereotyping of Asian Americans is a veritable dream come true.

So Asian Fetishists beware, an angry asian man could be right around the corner of your next porn search!

I hope that somewhere, Kristina Wong is smiling...


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