Friday, September 02, 2005

Treatment of those at the Convention Center

Here's a blog from inside N.O. that has talked to a source at the convention center. Where is the empathy? And what the fuck is up with this?

Before the supplies were pitched off the bridge today, people had to break into buildings in the area to try to find food and water for their families. There was not enough. This spurred many families to break into cars to try to escape the city. There was no police response to the auto thefts until the mob reached the rich area -- Saulet Condos -- once they tried to get cars from there... well then the whole swat teams began showing up with rifles pointed. Snipers got on the roof and told people to get back.

This sounds like the L.A. Riots again where the hierarchy is:

Things we care about:
Rich people's lives
Rich people's neighborhoods
Rich people's stuff
Line of not giving a fuck:
Police and folks in power washing their cars, picking their noses, etc.
Poor people's lives, neighborhoods and stuff


Blogger mschicamae said...

Guess what, I'm a real person (Don't you hate those spam commenters)...I can't believe how blatantly racist a lot of stuff that is going on down there is...From how slow relief is coming to them, to how those in "power" are treating the citizens. It's apalling. Nice to read another bloggers opinion that I can agree with!

1:47 AM  
Blogger xian said...

Thanks for reading. I wish I could, and maybe I ought to be down there doing something more concrete. But I hope if we can show enough anger and outrage toward those who created the situation (by that I mean those who caused the deaths in the aftermath by ignoring the humanity of the poor of these Southern cities not that they somehow created the hurricane) we really can make it less likely that this happens again.

12:03 PM  

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