Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Heroic Story

I was going to put up another post complaining about media coverage of the Hurricane tragedy as public officials (like the president of our great land) called it "our tsunami" and said "I can only imagine this is what Hiroshima looked like 60 years ago". But Matt and Nerdmeyr (a Bloomington, IN blogger) have already discussed this issue some.

Instead, I'd like to link to a Houston Chronicle story that is sometimes frustrating, but ultimately pretty uplifting.

I want have admiration for the rescue workers who risked their own lives and never lost sight of the humanity of those whom they were saving. The police officers who are sincerely trying to protect a city that has lost its infrastructure and haven't allowed that power to go to their heads.

I have a deep respect for these folks who cooperated and worked outside of the system to get people safely to Houston. I was floored by these sections:

"Milling about the Reliant entrance, Sheila Nathan, 38, told her teary-eyed toddler that she was too tired to hold him.

"I'm trying to make it a fairy tale so they won't panic," said Nathan, who had four grandchildren in tow. "I have to be strong for them."

"The group of mostly teenagers and young adults pooled what little money they had to buy diapers for the babies and fuel for the bus."

I don't agree with Bush or other community leaders who preach "zero tolerance for lawlessness". I believe that we must seek to prevent any violence and oppression of others that emerges from the chaos left in the wake of the hurricane.

However, in many cases, heroic, non-violent lawlessness might be exactly what allows great folks to survive this tragedy.


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