Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Today let us celebrate the dignity of someone willing to risk their own life for the principles they believe in and the good of others.

Let us honor them in a way that as a society we have neglected--let us show respect that is concrete and meaningful rather than purely symbolic. Let's toss out the flag displays and American flag cakes, and towels and bikini bottoms and actually show love for our veterans.

Let's open our ears and listen to the stories of the veterans rather than just use them as puppets for our own polemical agendas. Let us learn from the stories of those who feel vindicated from their time in Iraq and also from those who feel cheated by our civilian government and its policies. Let us respect those who loved every moment of war and those who were shooken and horrified by their experience. Let us respond lovingly and strongly to all of our veterans' experience whether they be uplifting or truely horrifying:
The story of Juan Torres

I tend to editorialize at this point, but I really cannot express myself on this account.
We are facing a two-faced society that claims to support its best and brightest (and poorest) as it sends them to war, and then betrays them in the most disgusting ways imaginable. Please read and make your own decisions. Then if you want to know what to do next, respond in comments and we'll discuss it.
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