Sunday, February 01, 2009

Catching up

In a situation of a great writer quoting another, Oliver Wang profiles himself on Angry Asian Man by referencing James Baldwin. "I want to be an honest man and a good writer."

I'm relatively successful at being an honest man, and horrible ineffective as a writer. I'm too impatient, too manic and generally too immature to sit down and document everything that I ought to.

But my little experience in the area tells me two things:
1) Write from your weaknesses--I have a horrible weakness for attention and projecting as "the woman who does everything more beautifully than you do" so I think I'll get back in the game by documenting my schedule a bit.
2) Much more importantly, I believe that we are fighting the most critical battle in the history of public school education, so I hope that if I coldly document my weeks, I might slip in some of the joy and beautiful detail of these actions.

I'll probably fail as usual and be gone for a dozen weeks or more again, but I'm going to try, and even if it's just a couple things here or there, it's better than nothing.


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