Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Are you kidding me?

I just finished watching part of the Alito hearings and all I can say is "Are they really considering this guy?" Of course I hate his guys because his politics suck. That's fine. That's probably going to be that way regardless who the "W" nominates.

I guess I would just like to see them dig up someone who will actually take responsibility and say what they believe instead of dodging questions. Isn't it helpful to a judge on the highest court in the land to actually believe in his own appraisels of issues enough that he's secure enough to articulate them to Congress?

I don't care if he's the pale offspring ofThurgood Marshall, I'd like to be able to evaluate that instead of have to sort through "That's a complicated issue"-type responses. Can't we just be honest with our beliefs and stances, and then evaluate the qualifications of the candidate?

Plus, he hates black people and women. But that's another story ;)


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