Thursday, December 01, 2005

Meeting a celebrity

Last weekend, my wife and I went to grab some milk from the corner store and on the way back to our place, passed a couple on the street. After we were a few yards past them, we both did a double-take and I said, "Isn't that her...?"

Liz's favorite show on TV is WTTW's "Check Please!" hosted by Alpana Singh. She really likes Singh because each show she brings together three Chicagoans from diverse backgrounds and moderates as they share and critique their experiences from each other's recommended restaurants. When things are going well, she fades into the background, but if she feels that one of the guests is dominating the conversation or saying something offensive, she gracefully and powerfully silences them. It's really fun to watch Liz enjoy the show--she becomes kind of giddy.

So anyway, she was sure it was Ms. Singh herself, so I told her, "You have to go get her autograph--you'll regret it later if you don't..." So once we patted ourselves down and found a pen and paper (A bank statement), Liz followed them into the corner coffee shop.

Ten minutes later, she emerges with a huge grin. "I got it!" she said, holding up the bank statement. "I asked her if she was Ms. Singh and told her how much I enjoyed the show! She seemed amused. After she signed the bank statement, she turned it over and read about my account activity!"

When we got home, I thought, "Could we have met anyone better today?" I mean, most of you are probably like, "Who the fuck is that anyway?" But I don't think I'd like to meet most of the people on TV. They seem pretty empty--I don't think it would really improve my life at all to invest any time talking to them. The person next to me on the train probably has more to teach me than Lindsay Lohan or James Denton.


Blogger Matthew said...

This is awesome, Xian!

It's great that you and Liz got to meet such a wonderful person. Thank for you writing about it and sharing it with us.

Take care.

10:29 PM  

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