Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Keeping us safe

My boy Matt has a good discussion going on his blog about the recent leak on Bush approved unauthorized "eavesdropping".

As Matt emphasizes, this is part of a framework of the administration's attacks on critical dissent. They basically demonize anyone who tries to hold them accountable for anything. I don't care if they visionary leaders, I still want them to embrace and love critical dissent.

The Senate is fighting over what to do over the Patriot Act and I want you to consider two things:
1) Is it worth letting a competent government limit some civil rights to allegedly defend us against some nebulous enemy? Don't we at least need some evidence that these abridgement will bear some sort of dividends besides a loss of freedom? But regardless how you feel on this, it's irrelevant in the face of the second issue:

2) Is this in any way a competent government? I'm sorry, even if Osama Bin Laden was at my door with a missile, what indication has the current administration given that they wouldn't shoot at me on accident because I was drying my hair? These are the assholes who are locking up random people based on name switches or harassing people who read the evil books...

I mean, these are the people who pissed on Pat Tillman's memory by butchering his positions on the war and lying to his family to protect the incompetents who got him killed.

I don't believe in the death penalty and I would fight tooth and nail for Bush and Cheney's lives if they get convicted of capital crimes at their war crimes trials. But can't we like, send them out in a boat or house arrest in their second vacation homes or something?

Listen up, morons! Stop listening to phone conversations and harassing colored people and read some books about what a healthy democratic system is supposed to look like. At least then, once you've put the finishing moves on ours, you can tell mythical legends about what freedom used to look like.


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