Monday, January 31, 2005

For Central IL kids:

For many of us, IL looks like this in our minds:

some other stuff

But if you do happen to reside within range, you should listen to 90.1 WEFT Champaign. I used to share a show with my friend Dirt and a bunch of other kids. Dirt's current show is Thursday mornings from 6-9am. Even if you aren't in range, do check out the show's webpage so you can feel bad that you can't hear such great music.

Our old show, the Illustrious Eight Show is still on Friday Nights from 10pm-12am. The quirky cool Steph is now hosting it. I think it's still found here.

You can catch DJ Geist on "Sublimation" Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings from 2-5am on WEFT.


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