Friday, January 28, 2005

チクショー!Lost in Translation

The Daily Southtown, one of the regional Chicago papers poublished this article today:

Daily Southtown: Arvia: Hero 'Hito? It's lost in translation

Why the fuck does every single article about a Japanese have to make a "Lost in Translation" reference? There were no Japanese people in that movie! Then they follow the headline with a bunch of stereotyped references to Godzilla and Sushi, and probably some Chinese or Korean cultural references that the "journalist" has confused.

It's not the stereotyped jokes that bother me, it's the fact that it is apparent that most people have no ability to identify with or even think about people outside their cultural boundaries as human.

The city loves Chicago's other Japanese player, "Shingo", but this is a shallow love accompanied with obligatory gong-sounds every time he takes the mound. I'm sure Iguchi will be a hit too if he performs as expected (Iguchi forcast here), but I expect him to receive the same jingoistic support--a fun mascot, but no human respect.


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