Monday, April 10, 2006

"I'm (suda)fedup with selective prosecution!"

More from Sepia Mutiny:
Sudafed-ing is not a crime

To break it down, law enforcement conducted a sting which targeted South Asian-owned businesses.

This was the way the counties conducted the sting:
1. They sent an informant to a store.
2. The informant bought matches, Sudafed or charcoal.
3. The informant said something in English like, "I need to these to finish up a cook"
4. The clerks were arrested.
Oh my God, I can barely type this. I'm really not making this up.

In the end, 44 of the 49 people arrested were of South Asian descent.

To be honest, I'm not up on Meth terminology. Are you really telling me that if I was a clerk working an overnight shift, I have to study drug terminology and listen to every single thing the customers say or I'm guilty of a major crime?

What the fuck? I used to work overnight at the Jewel Foods and I couldn't understand half of what the people coming through my line were saying. I just made sure that there was no alcohol or cigarettes, checked them through and took their money. I had no clue if they were going to have sex with their frozen turkey or snort their Fun Dip. I don't think I deserve to go to prison.

But wait, it gets worse...

The ACLU found documents that showed that the federal investigators were sending informant only to store owned by people of Indian descent "because the Indians' English wasn't good."

So they weren't even trying to unearth any drug action. They were just looking to jail people of a certain ethnicity for doing an activity that in the vast majority of circumstances is perfectly legal.

Some of the victims of this government crime have already pleaded guilty through a plea bargain. All should be released immediately and those who organized this abominable program should be imprisoned for a long time.

And they wonder why we don't trust law enforcement...


Blogger Gar said...


I hope the ACLU gets the racist pricks behind that "sting operation" fined and fired.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Ironcheffie said...

What, you can't have a barbeque while having a runny nose?

What the fuck

6:49 AM  
Blogger xian said...

Yeah, I'm still pissed enough about this that I've been interjecting it random conversations. I'll pass it on if I figure out anything substantial to do to respond on this issue. Otherwise, spread the word--it's important to let people know that there's two perspectives to law enforcement and the "War on Drugs". And no, those aren't "Good clean people" vs. "Bad Druggies".

10:15 AM  

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