Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Family Values

Angry Asian Man is getting the word out on Eddy Zheng, who faces deportation due to errors by his public defender. Zheng has been in the United States for twenty-four years, and is a strong testament to the potential for rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. Despite being forced to serve 19 years for a robbery conviction at sixteen, Zheng was a model prisoner and since parole had been working to improve the community through work with at-risk youth.

Because of his incarceration, Zheng was unable to apply for citizenship while in prison. The entire rest of his family have become naturalized citizens.

What we have here is the enforcement of a doctrine that has no function. Our immigration system, as it has for so long, is tearing apart families and trying to deport constructive, hard-working Americans who are devoting themselves to the betterment of their community.

Read more at Eddy's website and blog. His final hearing is tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. Show your support and remember, this is not an isolated incident. As someone whose family has been separate by our government's racist immigration policies on three separate occasions, I know that as well as anyone. For some reason, this anti-family, anti-equality policy of our government seems to get a free pass by much of our citizenry. That has to stop.


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