Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Smells like Ketchup--a weirdo hodgepodge of stuff

I seem to use my sense of smell more than most--you might find it gross. In the shower I smell my pores and parts of my body to makes sure everything is normal. I smell old containers of food to make sure its still edible and worthy of inclusion in my latest culinary disaster. I smell my loved ones and remember their scents years after the last time I saw them.

The most hilarious application is when Liz has sneaked a hot dog after work. The reviled condiment ketchup with its abrasive corn syrupy odor is immediately detectable--through her hair and pores. She'll brush her teeth, pop a mint, and when I give her the "welcome home kiss", I'll still be like, "You had Ketchup, didn't you?!"

Well, there's a ton of stuff I've been procrastinating writing about as I have immersed myself in condo searching, job searching, my studies and taking care of Grandpa Wong:


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