Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pro-War or Pro-Doing a Shitty Job

I'm a little late on this, but I read this great article in the Chicago Reader last week:

This is what I want to see. Not polemics on either side, or accusations of being "unpatriotic". I want to see what the people whose lives are on the line think about this.

This man's story is particularly poignant since he obviously had a sincere passion for his work and wanted the best for all involved. You see, this is what many of us have feared--not that the invasion itself is 100% wrong, but that it was being administered by people whose own agendas are blinding their ability to do what's best for the troops and civilians on the ground. All the ideology and desire to establish democracy don't matter if the reality is that you are committing human rights atrocities in order to keep your numbers up. That's only going to lead to anti-American sentiment and more danger for all involved.

But it's one person's perspective. I'd love to hear more from troops who think we are doing a great job, and put their story next to this man's. As it is though, I see a great, courageous, empathetic America who was leveled by a deceitful, poorly planned war program. How many more of him, American or Iraqi, in Iraq? Who is going to take responsibility for this?


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