Monday, October 10, 2005

Angry? Asian Man

If you haven't peep Gar's blog "en 'script' CHUN". I've never had the pleasure of meeting Gar, but we share some uncannily similiar life experiences.

Today, Gar samples and comments on a WaPo article about Angry Asian Man, Phil Yu. Yu is probably the most influencial blogger within the Asian American community (if we are counting outside influence balanced with pure self-hatred, Michelle Malkin has him beat hands down).

I would put good money that Gar is right--we may not see them, but WaPo is likely to be hit with its share of anti-yellow hate mail in the next week or so. Just look at Phil's own page if you want to see some of this genre.

What I found fascinating about the story was something I noticed before reading Malcolm, or Alvarez's work on the Mariposas is just how "normal" community heroes are. I mean this as a tremendous compliment to Phil, so don't take it the wrong way. He is smart, he is a good writer, but he's not really smarter or a better writer than a lot of people I know. What makes him different from anyone else is the effort and conviction he has put into his work and that is reflected in the effect he has had on his community. Through these efforts, he has become the top journalist for the 21st century Asian American community.

I think this is a barrier for many of us in improving our society and world. We believe deep down that "heroes" are some mystical creatures that we bear little resemblance to. We are dead wrong. The difference between most of us and heroes is a tiny bit more confidence, a little less wasted time and a little more love for others and the society.

I believe that I can be a Malcolm or a Mirabal, but more importantly, I believe that we all can.


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