Wednesday, September 28, 2005


ABC whipped out their new presidential drama featuring Geena Davis last night. Liz and I put off dinner to check it out. It was pretty good. The premise is certainly interesting and Davis and Donald Sutherland are great actors. I thought that the political writing was a little hokey compared to West Wing, but I really liked how they depicted her trying to push for bi-partisan cooperation. Having her daughter be a neo-con was a nice touch. The way that her husband tries to talk too much and he shuts her up was pretty cute too.

What those of us in the blog world might find interesting is the page that ABC has created for the show: MacKenzie Watch
In order to hype the show, they have "articles" and "reader comments" on Davis' presidency. It'll be interesting to see if this helps ABC create buzz around the show.

Anyway, I have no idea where it's going to go, but it was a worthwhile use of an hour. Then we went out to celebrate my new job at Uncommon Ground (the celebration was there, not the job). They do a wonderful job at cooking chicken, which I normally hate--theirs is very crispy on the outside and very moist. We sat outside so we could people watch the drunk Cubs fans coming out of the game. The Cubs are just playing out the string, so there's not much reason for most of the fans to go besides to drink.


Blogger Gar said...

I caught part of the show and it was definitely interesting, at least concept-wise. Execution needs work, but most shows seem like that (except LOST, but then again, what show is like LOST?)

The blog link is pretty fascinating in that the writing pretty much exactly mirrors the stuff you'd read off a political blog, both left and right leaning. Props to ABC for the unusual promotion scheme.

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