Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cops Drinking Game

While I'm busy not putting out content as usual, I figured I'd drop a plug for "Ironcheffie" a cat who dropped me a mail from Taipei and is running a self-described "banana blog" found here.

It's funny that we developed racially motivated drinking games independently in such a close timeframe. But hey, racism can drive a kid to drink...

In reference to his blog title, don't think he is yellow on the inside, white on the outside--he has unique, thoughtful perspectives on ethnic issues. But hey, we're into individual appraisal here, so check it out and decide for yourself.


Blogger Ironcheffie said...

I really should clear something up:

The COPS drinking game was actually developed thsi summer in Vancouver when
1) Two White Guys
2) A Brown Guy
3) Two bananas
4) A greek guy
5) One Latino guy

sat around with an ample supply of beer waiting. Teh Vancouver POlice Department has banned outside alcohol drinking, so we had to drink BEFORE we left for the annual fireworks/Event where stupid high school kids make trouble

3:20 AM  
Blogger xian said...

Nice. I hope you all weren't the fireworks operators, as that would have certainly made for a more exciting, but more flammable Vancouver.

6:05 AM  

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