Saturday, March 03, 2007

Once the Asians Departed, the film won best picture

Inferior Remake Wins Best Picture with White Actors

From what I hear, since my time on Earth is limited and I would rather be kicked in the head by the undead corpse of Barbaro than spend my time watching the Oscars, "The Departed" aka "White Infernal Affairs with White Racist Actors" won Best Picture.

At the Oscars, the film was described as "based on a Japanese film". That's right, they borrowed the greatest cop thriller in human history, produced in the world's capital for amazing cop thrillers, and couldn't even fucking figure out which country it came from? They took the world's greatest cop thriller but had to refilm it because the American public wouldn't appreciate the color of the incredible actors' skin? Moreover, they replaced one of the finest acting performances in the history of cinema with an actor who has a history of racist violence against people of color, including those of Asian descent.


He harassed a group of African American school kids with racist epithets, and when he was 16, again using racist language, he attacked a middle-aged Vietnamese man and left the man blind in one eye. Wahlberg was arrested for attempted murder, plead guilty to assault, and spent 45 days in jail.

And though the right thing to do would be to try to find the man and make amends, Wahlberg says, he admits he hasn't done so — but says he's no longer burdened by guilt.

And why the fuck would he be burdened by guilt? I mean the guy he attacked for being Asian probably has grown a new eye by now, right? Or maybe he's actually Forest Whitaker, one of the few people with a more successful acting character than Marky Mark Asian-Basher" Wahlberg.

But more than invective for Wahlberg, I want to point the figure at the media community we've created again. What does it say about us that they believe we would be more likely to go see an inferior film starring someone who beat someone within an inch of their life out of racial hatred than a superior film featuring something much worse: Some "slanty-eyed gooks" (Wahlberg's own words)?

I say we do find Emmett Till's killers and bring them to justice by nominating them for an Academy Award. Maybe they can star in the remake of "Raisin in the Sun".


Blogger RC said...

yikes...those are some feelings.

i plan on watching Internal Affairs soon and am excited to see it.

If anything, at least the Departed opened up a chanel for more people to be interested in this genre of foreign films from Asia.

I've seen some different films out of Asia, but never a cop thriller.

11:07 PM  

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