Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chicago Politics

Daley won :(
I had another marathon day on Tuesday--a full five-class day plus two and a half hours of night school teaching. So I decided to vote before school when the polls opened at six. I never received a polling place notification card, and a lot of the locations have changed lately in Chicago, so I was a little worried. I ended up finding my place through the Channel 5 NBC webpage, and as luck would have it, it was the same place as last time.

When I got to the polling place, it was nearly empty, so the judges were just sitting around munching on some of the food. I went up to vote and was offered a paper ballot. It had a different system from the normal ballot, so one of the judges demonstrated how to vote to me.

"Here--if you want to vote for Mayor Daley, just connect this arrow here..."

Really, I'm not kidding. It reminded me of when I voted at the Champaign County Clerk's Office for the 2004 election and was told, "To vote for the President, punch here".

So I voted for Brown, Morfin (who was opposing Daley's crony, Solis) and some random person for the other office, and went on my way to work.

I got through the day and was supposed to meet before night school with my Japanese Club, but there was an emergency faculty meeting. One of our colleagues had been killed in her home. It was crushing--she was an incredible teacher and later, as the kids found out, everyone was pretty distraught. I didn't really know her, but I could feel the pain in the community.

Today I worked through until ten as I had after-school tutoring in the North suburbs. When I got home, my voter notification card had just arrived in the mail today.

I don't know. These are weird topics to tie together, but I'm just kind of writing to purge right now. I hope someone gets something out of it.


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I got something out of it. Thanks, Xian.

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