Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Fun Genocidal Thoughts

Unstoppable blogging force, Matt, has captured the main problem with the current democratic party--it's a bunch of people who don't believe in justice or equal rights, but they play someone who does on TV.

It's not just homosexuals who are figuring this out. It's working class folks and folks of color.

With homosexuals and folks of color, most of us still feel like, "This group of bigoted assholes is better than that group of bigoted assholes."

Unfortunately?, poor white folks have for the most part decided that it's better to pick the fake religous folks who claim to respect them than the condescending pricks who actually would help them in terms of policy decisions. So the Republicans win elections.

There is no reason why the Republicans should be able to win anything. They are not interested in anything substantive that the majority of people in any particular district are interested in. Of two corrupt, illogical, hateful parties composed primarily of rich white males, they are the worse one.

Yet, they are better at PR, so lacking a good option, most folks choose them.

Why don't the democrats do anything about this? Sadly, I don't think they are capable. They are that fumbling, well meaning affluent kid, who would like to be "down" with everyone, but just end up looking foolish.

I mean look at Hillary Clinton or Biden, it's not like they wake up in the morning and say, "I don't like Americans of South Asian descent, I think I'll say something incredible offensive about them today!" Quite the opposite, they consider them a respected part of their voting block, but like those few well meaning Chief people, they are just too fucking ignorant to actually show people different from them some baseline respect.

So right now we face a desparate choice:
1) Figure out some way to wrestle Democratic party control from the people in charge.
2) Continue to support the current D party which has no problem compromising away everything important to us and really isn't a feasible winning party anymore.
3) Take the time to build more parties that will actually represent the people of the country. You know, democracy.

Obama is trying to do one in a sort of flawed, half-assed way.

I would like to see three, but cynically, I feel that most Republicans will mockingly support "3" because it will allow them to win more elections in the here and now. The reality is that choice three could mean a couple more decades of Bush-ish rule. For us privileged minorities, we might be able to endure that, but it's easy for us to say, we might have a little hardship, but we won't have our lives totally destroyed, unless the new Republican presidents decide to make Michelle Malkin a major cabinet force and she starts up her concentration camps.

But poor minority folks will be dying in the streets.

They will have to endure a long-term tenure of a party that all evidence suggests the following beliefs:
1) The only remaining racism is anti-white racism.
2) Americans who are not lucky enough to be born into wealth do not necessarily have a right to life.
3) Criticial thought and voice are anti-American.
4) Today's problems are the domain of tomorrow's Americans.

What do you think the end result of these beliefs will be?

A lot of locked-up and dead colored people. Complete acceptance of a prevailing anti-homosexual ideology. Demonization of the youth. And all this, even in affluent suburban areas where teenage pregancy and drug use statistics has risen to match those in urban areas.


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